The Need

New church planted
Men working through the Crosswalk book together


80% of new believers fall away within 90 days if not discipled by a mature Christian. 

The solution: Intentional discipleship in churches. 

Students in Zanzibar


At least 90% of church leaders worldwide do not have formal or adequate non-formal training. 

The solution: Accessible and inexpensive decentralized training.  

Church Plant


80% of new believers come to faith in Jesus in churches less than two years old.

The solution: The multiplication of noncomplex organic church plants.

The challenges in the world today

Class in Panama

Leaders Not Adequately Trained

In recent decades church growth has been so fast in large regions of the world (Africa, Asia, Latin  America) that many new believers are not adequately discipled and many leaders are not sufficiently trained. Our discipleship and training resources are meeting this need in an accessible and cost effective way that is led by national church leaders.

Nonbiblical Worldview

At the same time, the Western “Christian” nations are largely in a crisis of following a nonbiblical  worldview (a belief system that is NOT based on the Bible). According to an extensive survey in 2022, only 37% of pastors in the United States have a biblical worldview! In the general population, surveys  estimate that only 2% of men and 4% of women have a biblical worldview in the USA. The increasingly rapid moral and overall decline of the culture is the evident result.

Both of these worldwide scenarios are resolved by a focus on the Word of God—both  the written “logos” and the Spirit-led “rhema.” Our heart at Missio Global is to provide trustworthy biblical and Spirit-filled resources that empower Christ-followers to become world changers, starting from their neighborhood and reaching to the nations!