Making Disciples

The Cross Series

Effective Tools for Making Disciples

The Cross book series is for Christian growth focusing on discipleship and the initial stages of leadership development. The material is best used in a one-on-one mentorship relationship or in a small group. The Cross Series is designed as a growth track that leads to the church-based Missio Global School of Ministry. It can also be used in your church as valuable equipping material for general Christian discipleship.

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First Steps in Your Walk with God 

For the newer Christian or for those who want to deepen their walk with God.


A New Way of Living (Coming in 2021)

Focusing on transforming our values to ones that follow biblical principles, which results in a powerful new way of living!


  1. A Firm Foundation  (Coming in 2021)

Focuses on laying a solid doctrinal foundation in the Christian’s life. The study is based on Hebrews 6:1-2.    

  1. The Kingdom Has Come Near!   (Coming in 2021)

A vital study on understanding the Kingdom of God and how to walk in it now!


Missio Global School of Ministry

The Cross Series books are pathway tools leading to the Missio Global School of Ministry.

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