Making an Impact

Training Leaders, Planting Churches

Our Vision Goal 2023 is to plant 30 new Missio Global Schools of Ministry in several nations. Hundreds of additional workers for the harvest will be trained! Consider sponsoring an entire new School of Ministry for $1,340 (or $112/month).

Our projected new Schools of Ministry in 2023 include:

Brazil — 11
Kenya — 1
Liberia — 3
Panama — 4
Tanzania — 3
Ukraine — 3
TBD — 5

Missio Global trains leaders and shapes the next generation of world changers often in locations where training is not typically available. Our church-based Schools of Ministry are functioning on five continents, in large cities, rural areas, developing nations, and even in areas that are 98% Muslim. Here are just a few examples of the impact that Missio Global is making with the help of our faithful partners.

Preparing Workers!

Pastor Abraham, a young and visionary leader in Kenya, proudly presented his students. He explained that they are building a large building because the city is growing towards the church. The building will be ready. And now, with the Missio Global School of Ministry, his church will be ready, with leaders prepared to reach and minister in their community!

In Every Town...

Even in some nations where the church is growing, many towns and cities do not have access to quality ministry training. This dynamic church in Brazil is impacting their city and increasingly their region. By hosting a Missio Global School of Ministry, they are raising up the next generation of leaders to care for the harves

Quality Training Materials

In many nations, quality ministry training materials are simply not available. The Missio Global curriculum is an incredibly valuable tool for local church training. In some countries, like in Brazil, we are able to supplement our curriculum with quality textbooks from a variety of sources. Our training is completely inter-denominational.

Training In Five Languages

Christian ministry training opportunities are scarce in the region of this faithful church in Africa. Missio Global is putting a practical and proven three-year School of Ministry into the hands of the local church leaders in their language so that they can train leaders in their church and community. We help them start and run an effective ministry training school right in their church.

The Harvest Is Ready But…

Have you ever considered what Jesus said was the greatest limitation to ministering to the hurting and “lost” people of the world? It is not money or physical resources. What Jesus said are “few,” are workers. This church in the Eastern European country of Ukraine is determined to make a difference in their country. Missio Global is proud to help them to do just that.

Just Like Jesus Did

Jesus invested over three years into personally training his disciples. We think he had a good idea. That is why we developed the Missio Global School of Ministry, a three-year ministry training school, which pastors are using right in their own church to prepare ministers and leaders. This leader in Kenya is training leaders just like Jesus did!

Partner with Us

Would you please considering partnering with us so that we can expand our reach in offering powerful local church-based training tools to our brothers and sisters around the world. Thank you so much!

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